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Uniqclock widget

  1. Is it possible to have it?

  2. We would have to see the code to make that call, but I would guess not. It looks like something that would be done with javascript.

    When in doubt, copy the code and paste it into a text widget and try it. If it works, report back.

  3. No not allowed due to javascript:

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    You can try to find other clocks that are just basic html code instead of javascript code due to security reasons.

  4. Edit:

    lalalala just ignore me :) ive been up for 72hours without sleep and im on a caffine high so im posting jiberish at times o.O

  5. Oh, that is so dang cool. Dancing oriental girls and everything. :)

    Someone care to clue me in on why we have dancing oriental girls within a clock?

    Best bet would be to make a suggestion that this be supported via a feedback. It's actually doable.

    -dr(Off to the Site that must not be named to add this in)mike

  6. And hey, it's got music as well. Catchy music. :)

    Feedback sent.

  7. Yeah, it would be cool to have it.

  8. Oriental girls? Ha, are you from the 1940s? That's not the right term anymore pal.

  9. @asupremenewyorkthing
    If you do want this feature to be introduced at then send in a feedback to staff on Monday.

  10. Um, TT. Where does it say that asupremenewyorkthing is requesting this feature?

  11. thats is soooo cool....

  12. Well they're dancing, they're oriental and they're female.

  13. 'Oriental' is non-PC because it's Eurocentric; describing a place or culture as 'eastern' makes no sense if you are actually there. It also makes no sense if you're American, because Asia is to your west. (Unless you are going the long way round, and why would you do that?)

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