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Unique problem with facebook thumbnail

  1. I am having a very strange problem when I try to share the link of my blog ( ) on facebook. I get a thumbnail of a picture that is no longer part of my site. The picture, which looks like this: , used to be the picture I used for the "Blog picture/Icon" in General Settings tab. I believe that is the only place I have ever used that picture. Now however, I have changed that picture. However, when I try to share the link on facebook, I still get that thumbnail without an option to change it to anything else.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Does this help?
    How can I change the thumbnail on Facebook

  3. no i went through alot of the similar types of questions on the forum and could not find anything. For one, that picture is not in my post, and two, it does not give me options to change it to something else.
    If you try posting the site on your facebook
    you will see what I mean

  4. I tried sharing.
    It showed no thumbnail on sharing page. You know why? Because there is no image of about a size of thumbnail image (approx. 150px). One other reason why you get no thumbnail, or unrelated thumbnail is because facebook’s script is not smart enough. On each page load, it searches for all image tags and display the ones that it finds useful. Sometimes
    the script times out without even loading the right image.

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