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    Dear Support and/or forum community members,

    I found an unknown link appearing today in the clicks today (11-AUG-2012) listing of the stats site of my blog, because someone must have clicked that link on my blog.

    The link links to the login of “getpocket.com” (which seems to be some kind of service to read something later).

    I have no clue where this link did come from and on which of my blog posts it is located.

    Is this link just an indication that someone saved a blog post for later reading or is this a link posted on a blog post of mine?

    I did not set that link. The comments of my blog are moderated. I did not approve a comment including that link, nor did one of the visitors who are approved to comment set that link (as far as I could manually check).

    If that link is on one of my blog posts: How can I find out where this link has been set (on which blog posting) so I can delete it?

    How can anybody put a link on a blog posting w/o being a visitor approved for commenting?

    Thanks a lot for your help. Kind regards. janedoemuc aka Vera

    The blog I need help with is janedoemuc.wordpress.com.


    WordPress occasionally run ads on our blogs, so it could have been an ad someone clicked on



    Thanks for your reply, but an ad would link to the homepage and not to the log-in only.



    Actually, no. This is just that someone who uses that service stored the link to your blog so they could read it later. You get the login screen because you’re not logged in to that service. That’s all.



    Thanks for your reply. Problem solved. ;o)
    Kind regards. janedoemuc aka Vera

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