unknown search terms- why? (for low number of daily searches)

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    I only get under 50 hits daily on a normal basis for my blog. For the past few weeks, I noticed that the list of search terms or phrases that readers have found my blog, has become very short. There are 2 lines unknown searches, etc. which might have 13 or 7 but drilling in, I get no further information what the search terms could have been.

    What does unknown search terms mean?

    The blog I need help with is cyclewriteblog.wordpress.com.



    Hi there,

    Some search engines don’t reveal search terms for privacy reasons. That’s why we don’t always know which search terms were used by visitors who arrived at your site from a search engine. When we don’t know the search terms, we show them as “Unknown search terms”. http://en.support.wordpress.com/stats/



    I seriously wonder about this at times…my blog post about crossing the international border gets a lot of hits.

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