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Unliked Posts (posts with no Likes on 'em)

  1. The 'Like' button hasn't always been on WordPress blog posts. So, when it first arrived a lot of posts didn't get 'Liked'. I came across one such post (amongst many) in my blog that was, otherwise, quite popular. So I thought we might post here our 'unliked' posts that have Like buttons there (that's WordPress Like buttons, not Facebook Like buttons) and um... maybe get some Likes on 'em?

    Here's one of mine to start:

    Conversations with Inanimate Objects

    If you don't like or have Like buttons on your blog, just ignore this topic.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Whoo! Amazing concept. Maybe we should get another thread started for posts without comments also.

    *Goes off to get his list of posts ignored in the past.*

  3. Food Shopping Pet Hates - I wrote three lengthy blogs before I went to Leeds Festival, this one didn't get much attention :(

  4. I remember the Blogfather trilogy, it brought a smile to my face then.

  5. This thread is (I'm hoping, anyway) for posts that people enjoyed and have commented on (not for neglected posts that got no comments) but haven't clicked the 'Like' button because at the time that you posted it, the Like button didn't exist! :)

    There is a neglected posts topic here:

  6. Whoops!

  7. I think only 2 of my posts have 'likes'. A fair few have comments but no likes.

  8. theinsanityaquarium

    I've actually never 'liked' a post- I always prefer to leave a comment as I think a 'like' doesn't quite express the joy/shock/interest I get from reading someone's post and I like to express that in words! :) I like getting 'likes' myself of course, but I can never really seem to break myself into doing it back- my mind is actually really restrictive in the things I can do so 'liking' isn't one of them... if I did it for one, I'd have to go back and do all the others I have ever liked! It would have be a literal liking rather than a half-hearted click that takes half a second... so it's much better for me to leave a comment to express more clearly that I have read the post and about how much I've enjoyed it :) Accursed brain! *shakes fist*

    But more to the topic, I haven't actually had any posts without likes on them, but then again I am quite a new blogger and the feature was already here when I joined. The lowest likes I've had though were for my first post and also for 'Bird Seed' which each got three likes each. My highest, on the other hand, is 'The Trains' with 12.

    I do appreciate people's likes and I hope I don't offend anyone by not liking them back- but my general OCD and whatnot actually totally prevents any likeages whatsoever. It's one of those bizarre quirks that's helped to make the Insanity Aquarium quite this insane, however... so it's probably a good thing too :D

  9. How do you even know if a post is liked, anyway?

  10. It says so at the bottom of the post, next to he "Like" button it'll have the person that has liked its avatar.

  11. Oh, I'll be in this: Salacious Text Messages (Do your worst ardpete).


    This is my only post that got no likes or comments whatsoever, which I can understand. Reading the description of the show is probably as painful as sitting through it.

  13. Oooops - maybe mine should have gone ont he other thread - I can't remember if it is old enough for the no "Like" button - sorry if I got it wrong!

  14. No stories on my blog ever get liked! So tragic! It's even turned on too!

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