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    Well just wanted to ask for one more feature on WP.com
    Well as u know that the new feature has been added in which we can create as many new blog as we want with one ID.
    But problem is that we cannot just add the already made blogs to the one which we already have.

    Means suppose I had created wwwww.wordpress.com and now I want to add it to my already created 2nd account.

    Is that possible?



    Can’t you just give your preferred ID admin powers on the other blog?



    I am stuck in this position too, as I created a second blog today, and can’t seem to tie the two.

    I made the second because I spent twenty minutes looking for the place to add the second blog from within my first account. I can move between the two now by using the edit button on a post once logged in to one or the other, but I can’t log in to the second at all, and can’t find ANY correlation between the two in the dashboard… HELP



    I am facing similar problems. I have just registered my second one but I have no idea how to get into it. Is there supposed to be an additional password or something? Everything I am looking at relates to my first account. =(



    I’m hitting this issue as well. I have my main blog and my new blog listed when I log in to wordpress.com. However, my new empty blog redirects to my first one when I try to get to the admin page.



    When you create multiple blogs on your account, they show up in a list on ‘wordpress.com’ after you sign in. Click on any one to get to the dashboard of that blog.



    ascarter, i noticed that that happens (so far to me) only when you click on dashboard. and when it does happen (that i’m taken to the admin page of my earlier blog) i’m just changing the “blogname” part of the url hitting enter and getting right back to the blog i want to.


    I’m having the same issue and although 2 of my blogs actually work correctly from the main WordPress screen, one of them doesn’t and just redirects to one of the others. Any suggestions? Even typing in the correct URl doesn’t work. It still redirects.



    This appears to be an old allegedly “solved” problem that has resurfaced. Log out and it should clear the problem.



    I tried logging out, clearing my cache (using Safari), and going directly to the admin page of my new blog. I enter my user and password (and it correctly asks me to save my login info – the browser thinks I’m here for the first time). It appears to login but then immediately redirects to my first blog. I tried this on my Mac using Safari and on Firefox on Windows as well.



    To correlate blogs you created before this feature was introduced, go to the “Authors & Users” page in your admin panel and “Add User From Community”. Just pick your preferred username and add it to all of your blogs as an Administrator.

    I’ll look into the redirect problems. If you are experiencing this issue, send us feedback from one of your blogs. Please detail which blog is redirecting to which.

    We’re working on some improvements to the multi-blog feature that will make jumping between your blogs easier. Let us know how you would like to manage multiple blogs via feedback. I love to steal other people’s good ideas. :-)



    It be great to see a little list of all our blogs, similar to the one on the sign-in page, up by the Dashboard. So we could just click on the blog we want when we want to switch/redirect.

    My redirect is screwy, but if I keep going back and around and then turn on my head with some more clicks, I can get to more than one of my blogs. I must be addicted. And it’s just my second day!


    ooops I have made myself an author only on my second blog..so now I am totally stuck with no admin abilities…

    I have posted to feedback, to change me back to the adminsistrator.

    Hope they can fix it.

    I can’t even blogroll





    The only thing I have figured out to do so far with this is to go to http://www.wordpress.com and select the second (added) blog – and then you can make a few changes. But once to re-direct back to the admin screen, it goes back to my original blog. For example – I can make ONE post on my new blog. Then I have to go back to http://www.wordpress.com and do it again.



    To create a 2nd blog when you have another account, it looks as though you need to log in (on your blog) then visit wordpress.com.

    At the top right of the page is the “Your Blogs” bit, with a link to “Register another blog.”

    Unfortunately you only see this if you go looking for it.
    Perhaps links to create a new blog could be added elsewhere – such as the accounts section, the dashboard or the navigation bar at the top?



    same problems. 3 blogs, same userid problems accessing all 3.



    I am having the same problem. I want to access my new blog’s options. When I click on my new blog under dashboard, I am redirected to my first blog. I would like to be able to access the options of my new blog under the dashboard, where both my blogs are listed.

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