Unlink account from my personal gravatar & add image without using gravatar

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    Hi. I’ve set up a blog for a society I’m involved in. I wanted to add an image for the society but the only way to do this seemed to be through Gravatar. As I’d set up my WordPress account with my personal email address it automatically used my personal Gravatar details so now instead of an image for the film society as avatar there is now a picture of me. Obviously I don’t want this but I can’t figure out either how to unlink my blog from the gravatar or how to upload an image without using Gravatar.

    I must confess I’ve found the process of setting up a WordPress blog very confusing. I use a Tumblr blog for my personal use but thought WordPress would be more professional for a society. However considering how much more complicated using WordPress is compared to Tumblr I’m beginning to wish I hadn’t bothered.

    Anyway, I’m sure in time I’ll get used to it.
    Blog url: http://bristolsilents.wordpress.com/



    We use Gravatar exclusively here, and Gravatars are linked to your email address.

    The only way to have a different avatar would be to register for a new account with a different email address.


    Ok, thanks for your reply. I’ve tried setting up a new account but now having problems because my website name is obviously already taken – by me. I’ve tried searching but can’t find information on how to export the blog url & blogs to the new account.
    So instead I’ve just created a new gmail account solely for the use of my wordpress/gravatar accounts & have changed my registered email address. A bit of a pain but I can cope with that.

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