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Unlinking Deleted Blogs

  1. I linked some exterior WordPress blogs to my account. I have since deleted them - they no longer exist. How can I unlink them from my account?

  2. What are the URLs?

  3. I'd rather not list them here. Are you a staff member? Is there an email address I can send them to instead?

  4. Do you want all linked blogs to be deleted?

  5. No, the blogs I want unliked are already deleted. They were hosted on separate domains, and linked to for the site stats and other features.

  6. The hidden ones are what I want unlinked.

  7. I've just removed the linked blogs from your account. Please let us know if you need any further assistance!

  8. Im having the same problem please help me! I had a wordpress blog linked to onelife-photography then deleted the blog. Some time went by and I created a new wordpress blog and want to re link it to that domain and it keeps saying there is already a blog hooked to that account.

    What can I do? I was suppose to launch this website a week ago and have been struggling to find a solution.

    Thank you!

  9. @befolkes what are the addresses of the blogs you are referring to?

  10. Hi is there a way we can chat privately?

  11. Sure! You can send an e-mail to this address.

    Looking forward to your reply.

  12. Hi, did you get my email earlier? I sent it this morning. Just wanted to make sure.


  13. I've just replied to your e-mail

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