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    Hi, I tried looking for how to unmap a domain but only found forums where domains were unmapped for the person who asked the question.
    So! I have survivingunironically.wordpress.com for which I mapped survivingunironically.ca and whereisthefuture.com. I want to keep the latter but would like to remove the former as I cancelled that domain (no longer own it).

    Can someone please unmap survivingunironically.ca from survivingunironically.wordpress.com please? Or show me how?

    Thank you

    The blog I need help with is whereisthefuture.com.


    Hi cricribeaudoin,

    No problem, I’ve removed the domain mapping upgrade for survivingunironically.ca.

    whereisthefuture.com is now the only domain mapped to survivingunironically.wordpress.com:


    Or show me how?

    Sure, upgrades can be managed through the Manage Purchases page.

    Feel free to start a chat if there is anything else you need help with :)

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