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    Hi! I need to get my domain (jocelynmorlock.com) unmapped from my jocelynmorlock.wordpress.com account please!

    I still want to keep my WordPress account, I just want to use the domain elsewhere (I already have the nameservers pointed elsewhere, but it keeps redirecting to the WordPress.com account…I assume that’s related to the mapping?!).


    The blog I need help with is jocelynmorlock.wordpress.com.


    I had a look at http://www.jocelynmorlock.com/ and it seems to load a non-WordPress site with nameservers set to ns1.us113.siteground.us and ns2.us113.siteground.us.

    It also has a A record pointing to, which is a site hosted with SiteGround and not WordPress.com.

    To clarify, things seem to be pretty fine the domain http://www.jocelynmorlock.com/ and it’s not pointing to http://jocelynmorlock.wordpress.com/ anymore.

    I suggest you clear cache and cookies on your web browsers as explained here, or try using a different web browser to see if that helps.

    I am also tagging the post with “modlook” for the WordPress.com staff’s attention.


    Oh, I just realized that the “modlook” tag was already added.



    Thanks @strikebuys

    Yes, I’ve changed the nameservers to point to SiteGround …which I thought would do the trick, and it did work briefly (and was displaying the splash page that i’d published on the new server). But now the domain (www.jocelynmorlock.com) is automatically redirecting to jocelynmorlock.wordpress.com, and I can’t even get into the SiteGround wp-admin anymore.


    Howdy –

    When I go to jocelynmorlock.com I see a “site coming soon” message. The domain is not connected to WordPress.com any longer. The Name Servers and A records are directed to SiteGround.

    These changes can take time to become fully activated though. In fact, it could take up to 3 days for you to see the SiteGround version of your site.

    Can you let me know what you’re seeing now when loading jocelynmorlock.com in your browser?



    Thanks! It seems to have sorted itself out…I was confused because it had switched and then switched back again. But it’s all good now, thanks so much for your quick response!


    Glad things are working as expected now! :)

    If you ever have questions on your WordPress.com account or WordPress.com sites, please feel free to get back to us by posting a new thread here.


    Happy to hear this news. Take care!

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