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Unmapping two urls, remapping to one blog?

  1. First, I guess I should ask if two urls can be mapped to one blog. One of the urls being with Go Daddy and the other with WordPress.

    Second, I'd like to know WP's policy on unmapping, especially from a recently deleted blog. I don't need the info back, I just want the WordPress domain I purchased to be back in my possession and also the Go Daddy url to link to a newly created WP blog. Deleting the old blog took both domain mappings with it. Its a bit frustrating as I just paid to link the Go Daddy one 2 hours ago. If I can't get the WP purchased url back, I stand to lose my readership.


  2. Let me rewrite that.

    The old url/blog was (WP domain) or (deleted) and the new url/blog is (Go Daddy domain) or (current)

  3. My best advice is to check again in a few hours and ask staff.

    It will require their intervention, and definitely won't get done over the weekend.

  4. Thanks raincoaster (cool name, btw). I did send the staff an email last night and it seems they were a bit confused and thought my current blog was deleted (all it takes is one click to see it isn't) and so the story continues...

    I can't help but feel I'm losing readership when people click on my site and see "user has deleted this blog"...any way to speed up the answering process so that someone responds sooner?


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