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    How do I unpublish a post?

    When I created the latest post I selected “unpublish” in the drop down menue, then viewed the site and low and behold it was there.
    So I changed the date stamp to August 31, 2008 viewed the site and low and behold it is still there…

    So How to I send it to drafts, so it does not appear on the blog?

    Thanks a bunch for the help :)



    You may have forgotten to save those changes.



    Um ok …. no actually I saved them both times.



    just click ‘Save’ button, not ‘Publish’. your stuff would be saved as draft.



    Yeah that did not work either…. what happened was the default is to “publish” a post, so even clicking only save actually “published” the post.
    So I then selected “unpublish” and tried again, and again…
    That did not work so I changed the date to the future. It still published it with the future date anyway….
    How do I now reverse the published to unpublished?

    I want to hide it, but as time ticks on… I am afraid it will get picked up by the spiders.



    Oh when I made the post ALL I clicked on was “save”… never the word “Publish”.

    There used to be a button to save as draft, but it is no longer there… Or I just can’t find it.

    Do I need to delete it to hide it?… this will remove it though and that is not what I want to accomplish.

    Is this theme based or WP based? I seemed to have read somewhere that even drafts are spidered?

    Is there an easy way to unpublish it now? Would changing the date to the past hide it?

    Any help would be grateful.



    “Save” is the button to save as draft. Once a post has been published, hitting Save only updates the published version. To un-publish, go to Edit and under Publish Status, set it to Draft.



    set it to unpublished then click save



    Ummmm RC I did that and it still published immediately.
    Seems the autosave in Andreas9 may be putting it up to publish instead of just save as draft… this may be a bug with the theme.

    Ummm Tech 07 I did that too and it did not remove it, infact the deault of publish was still there when I viewed it…. again maybe be a bug with Andreas9

    I do appreciate the help, but I have since deleted the post completely as there was nothing else I could do…. not even changing to a future date helped.
    Normally I do not use the WP post area as I prefer to work with the Blogdesk editor…. makes life a whole lot easier than dealing with the WP editor which apparently is still flakey.

    Thanks for the help :)


    I’m using Andreas09 and just published a post and then unpublished it without a problem, so it is not the theme. The post editing and such is done in the underlying wordpress files, not the theme files.



    Hmmm interesting TSP….
    Normally I post using Blogdesk…. with very, very few issues and much successes so this was a new thing that happened.
    I am not sure then why it is not working right for me…. could it be an IE issue then? Not accepting the change correctly?
    Are you using it at the link to your name or another site?



    “so this was a new thing that happened.”
    Sorry should clarify that I was in my dashboard when it happened.

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