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Unrelated adverts suddenly appeared on my blog post! Please help

  1. Hi all
    Ive had my blog open since around June this year, and yesterday adverts appeared at the bottom of this post

    QUESTIONS - Excuse the lack of question mark key, it drowned in my coffee
    I cant understand why it is just on this post - anyone know
    Have I put it there and forgot or did wordpress do it
    Who gets the commission from this ad if its me, where can I see the data about it
    The ads are COMPLETELY unrelated to the content, can I change that fact
    If I cannot change or earn from the ads, how can I get rid of them

    If I cannot get rid of them, do you think moving back to blogger, where I CAN control ads, is a good idea for me

    I know its a lot Im asking, I just really dont get it, I really appreciate any input

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi. We get this question all the time so my answer will be brief: please read this.

  3. Perfect thanks!

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