Unrelated adverts suddenly appeared on my blog post! Please help

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    Hi all
    Ive had my blog open since around June this year, and yesterday adverts appeared at the bottom of this post http://allaboutpoi.wordpress.com/2011/11/30/poi-music-main-menu/

    QUESTIONS – Excuse the lack of question mark key, it drowned in my coffee
    I cant understand why it is just on this post – anyone know
    Have I put it there and forgot or did wordpress do it
    Who gets the commission from this ad if its me, where can I see the data about it
    The ads are COMPLETELY unrelated to the content, can I change that fact
    If I cannot change or earn from the ads, how can I get rid of them

    If I cannot get rid of them, do you think moving back to blogger, where I CAN control ads, is a good idea for me

    I know its a lot Im asking, I just really dont get it, I really appreciate any input

    The blog I need help with is thevitaminhub.wordpress.com.



    Hi. We get this question all the time so my answer will be brief: please read this.



    Perfect thanks!

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