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    My readers rarely leave comments. My blog is about swing dancing. Suddently in the last week I’ve gotten 5 completely unrelated comments left on months-old posts. Comments about people getting together with their kids or whatever. Some of them look like they didn’t even finish their sentences. I “unapproved” them, but why are they posted? They don’t look like spam posts where someone would be trying to sell you anything. Very strange!

    The blog I need help with is sbwestcoastswing.com.



    They are spam. Mark them as such.


    I just noticed that they all came from Facebook.

    They’re commenting on each other’s photography, talking about going for bike rides in Seattle, etc. What would be the point of putting that stuff on my blog, assuming it was intentional spam?

    Is there some Facebook glitch that is leading them to my blog?



    Give me a direct link to those comments on your blog and I’ll take a look. I highly doubt it.


    I haven’t approved them, so they’re not showing up on the website. Not sure how to do it without giving you my password. I’ll cut and paste a couple:

    “Sara, you are an amazing poesrn and I am so honored to have met you and to have you come to our school. You inspire me to get on my bike and ride! We will be following you all the way to Seattle. See you tomorrow! It’s gonna be a hot one! We have plenty of water for you! Ms. B. and the entire Dons Net Cafe!”

    “art with the kids. Our drawing seisnoss are one of my favorite activities, along with the weekenda0river trips and oura0teen photography classes.a0Whenever I bring in art supplies after school, the kids go”

    “Hi Raya, I just wanted to say a quick hello and let you know that I think you take befauiutl photos I especially love the one through the decorative wall!!!! I hope to photograph in Central Park someday Shannon”

    See? Weird.



    Without looking at the code of any of them all I can say is it’s spam. Mark it as such. I could be wrong, but I can’t tell.

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