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    I received 2 notifications that comments were posted on my blog and when I looked to read them, I see that they are completed not related to my post or any of the other comments that had been posted before. It is as if someone has replied to a post from a completely different blog or website. I am not sure why this is happening and wondering if it is anything to do with a virus, etc. Any information you can give me would be great!
    Thank you,
    Katie Burns



    Hi there,

    It sounds like you’re getting spam comments.

    If a lot of the spam comments have a common string of text, I suggest adding that string to your blacklist:

    You can use the comment author’s name, IP address, web site, as well as the comment itself. Please make sure the word is not something contained in non-spam comments. For example, if you enter “press” as a blacklisted word, “WordPress” will match.

    Also, please mark those comments as spam instead of just deleting. Our Akismet anti-spam engine tries to learn from a pattern of the comments that are marked as spam.

    For more information about dealing with unwanted comments, visit:

    I hope that helps!

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