Unsatisfied by the upgrade. Not yet beyond one hour, I want refund.

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    I want refund. I bought the domain name but not the budle, total it cost me $26 and it is not worth it, I cannot understand everything around. can I revert everything… delete the domain I registered in this site and just get my money, even if its not 100% but I think it should be because this is an issue of me not being able to use the new blog properly. not even a post. just change theme that I also do not understand how to nav.

    first and foremost I do not understand why the dashboard has a (blogdomainname)dotcom.wordpress.com patter….. it really gave me a panic.

    and the rest, well, I do not understand anything at all.

    as a customer, I won’t say anything further, I just want my money back and you take away all the registration stuff, I do not need it. Please, do me a favor. please.

    The blog I need help with is calaiconde.wordpress.com.



    no, it is calaiconde.com, sorry.


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    Here is information about how to cancel a domain name:

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