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Unseen Blog, Why?

  1. Is there anyone who wants his/her blog unseen - on purpose, at least, minimum person only - by people? What is the reasons might be?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I don't have an unseen blog but I can think of a few reasons why you would:

    - temporary measure whilst setting up or establishing a good chunk of content.

    - Privacy, using WordPress like a personal diary and to avoid people referenced finding out.

    - Classified company blogs, used to share information, ideas and news between offices or team members - for example embargoed project work or company data.

    Just a few ideas I could think of.

  3. Hi there, as this post does not have ideas or suggestions for new features, I am closing this thread. If you have a new idea or suggestion about privacy settings or private blogs at, you are welcome to create a new thread about it. You can also post in the support forum if you have questions or would like additional help with the privacy settings on your blog. Cheers!

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