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Unseparated bilingual blog

  1. Hello everyone, I just created a blog to post all my drawings I made since 2006, and my friends always complain that I always post in English, and not in French (which is my native language after all). I saw many forum posts asking how to separate blog posts when one wants to blog into two languages, but I want no separation. My question is... is that allowed ? Will wordpress send me a warning for such thing ? Or am I forced to use the category / tag system to separate my blog into categories (one for each language) ? Not sure if that is clear....Thanks in advance for answering.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can only set on interface language for your blog on this page > Settings > General
    Language this blog is primarily written in. You can also modify the interface language in your profile.

  3. I know all this already. ^^
    Please check here to look at what I meant :

  4. I can think of no reason why you can't alternate languages in different Posts or even alternate languages in the same Post and just switch between languages alternating sentences even - might be a bit confusing to me - but if you and your friends find that is the best they go ahead - sounds like you want to share things with your friends which is a very good reason to have a blog -

    the nice thing about the WordPress software is that if you change your mind then things are easy to change

    good luck

  5. I know other who have published the same posts twice in two different languages and created categories for the two languages like English and French. When visitors click on the Category of their language choice they get the post in the language they choose to read it in.

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