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Unsleepable Layout Problem

  1. Hi. I have a blog at and I LOVE the Unsleepable layout. Unfortunately, the sidebar has seemed to have disappered. I was editing a page, looked at the blog and it was gone! I didn't disable it, delete it, or change the layout. It was just GONE! Please help. Also, when I first picked the layout, there was some sort of "K2" option that is now gone under "Presentation". Any hints?

  2. Dont worry:P
    Edit the page again
    Look left at the bleu sidebar
    find somtehing like page sjabloom (standerd pages)
    Choose the second one Default temp
    and safe it
    Then it's back much luck

  3. There were some changes needed to Unsleepable which were missed before it was dropped into place.
    The Options page has been removed.

  4. I still don't understand. Can I get the sidebar restored? I can't get it back...It should Say "Categories", "Pages", "Calander" etc. But it's gone??

  5. Yes pods deleted that
    If you safe the page ones again does it apear then fine?
    So not copy the html of the page and past it in a new page.
    Delete the old page etc.

  6. I tried saving the pages again but the sidebar is still not there. It's not on any of the pages including the main blog itself. Just to be clear, by "sidebar" I am talking about the thing that has the blogroll, calander, stats etc. Can you tell I'm new at this?

  7. It's being sorted any second now - literally.

  8. Thank you! Sorry I am so new to all of this....

  9. Why are you deleting that
    It function very wel...
    If you ask me and i like it:D

  10. Fixed.

  11. Is unsleepable a Sandbox extention or something? Because I don't see it in my themes list.

  12. The theme also seems to add a couple unwanted Widgets to the bottom of the sidebar.

  13. It seems to have resolved itself. Thanks guys.

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