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Unsleepable theme.

  1. Hi all. Just then I tried to activate the "Unsleepable" theme for my blog. It worked, but the header has gone all wonky.

    Is anyone else facing the same problem? If not, how can I fix it?

    my blog is here if you need to look for what I'm talking about: --- this is not what the header is supposed to look like, as far as I can tell.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    - Jacqui

  2. what browser and version are you using?

    What do you mean my wonky?

    I'm using IE7 and it's looks fine to me.

  3. Well, according to the preview pictures, it should all be on the one "line," I guess. Instead, my pages (story of a girl, etc) have been spread down further, making the header look very unlike the one in the preview.

  4. IMO it's supposed to be exactly as you see it. The blog title and pages are supposed to be in the same line; title to the left and pages to the right. :)

    Edit for drmike: I have it on my test blog and it has not changed. It looks exactly like this blogger's does and exactly like the one on the Presentation page does. I use a firefox 2 browser and have viewed the other one as well as my own.

  5. I see the page to the right of the title.

    Again, what browser and version are you using? Also what's your screen resolution please?

  6. Hmmm.

    I'm using IE6.0 (I think). I don't know my screen resolution though, how do I find that out?

    EDIT: Worked it out. It's 1024 x 768.

  7. Right click on your desktop at an empty space. Properties -> Settings.

  8. There are two things in play here.
    (1) This version of Unsleepable that has here has a bug that has been reported previously.
    (2) The version of the browser you have has issues.
    What to do.
    (1) Download another browser. The version of the one you have IE 6 is notorious for the issues it has. IE 7, Firefox 2 or Opera 9 work.
    (2) Report the theme bug to staff in a feedback.

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