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Unspamming notice

  1. How do I get rid of the notice to stop unspamming messages? I took care of it and want the notice to go away.
    Blog url:

  2. I'm sorry but I don't know what you are referring to. Akismet does an excellent job of detecting spam and legitimate comments are rarely marked as false positives. Please take a screenshot and post a link to it so we can see what you mean.

  3. Took a screenshot but don't know how to share it. Sorry. It is a notice by WordPress that I unspammed too many comments and needed to fix it and notify them. I fixed it and don't know how to notify them.

  4. I'll flag this thread for Staff attention.

  5. Thank you so much!

  6. Hi cassiopia26,

    It looks like you've removed some of the spam. There are still a dozen or so left, including one that links to an obvious porn site, and another to a credit reporting scam.

    I've removed the message. Please see if you can clean up the rest, and take care when un-spamming comments in future - spam attracts more spam, and some of those links are harmful to your readers.

  7. I think I've got all of them now. Sorry about that. I have just been reading about spam and educating myself as to what it is and why they do it. Thank you for your help!

  8. You can scroll down to "5 things every blogger should know about spam" on this page. These may also help your learn how to spot spam: Mark Spam as Spam and Trackback and Pingback Spam: What to do? It's important to also note the Matt Cutts of Google has made it clear that those who approve spam are harming their site's ability to rank well in search engines.

  9. I read them all now and will be much more careful in the future. Just started blogging and had no idea about all of that. Thank you for your help!

  10. You're welcome.

  11. @Alex: Nice to see you back!

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