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    How can I get off Word Press again? I do not intend to blog; I only got into Word Press in order to comment on my daughter’s blog and now I can’t seem to get my daughter’s blog in my inbox as I always used to.


    Do you want to get email notifications about posts on your daughter’s blog?


    Is your daughter’s blog set to private? Did you have to sign up with WordPress in order to see here blog or could you see it, but couldn’t comment?



    I could see her blog but couldn’t comment. Others apparently could comment just with an email address but for some reason, it would not let me comment without getting a Word Press account. So I did, and now it has removed me from her list of posts directly to my inbox. I will try again registering her URL as a blog I want to follow through Word Press, (since I have received another blog recently through Word Press in my inbox. I can’t see any way to disconnect from Word Press completely and go back to simply being on her list of those who receive her blog directly to their inbox. So I would welcome your advice on either possibility. Thanks!



    Seems to be sorted out and I am again receiving my daughter’s blogs in my inbox. Thanks.

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