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    I’ve started receiving emails where someone is inviting me to be an author on their blog. The email contains a link to unsubscribe from invitations, but it doesn’t work. When I select the unsubscribe link all it does is put the word “unsubscribe” in my browser and not the actual URL to unsubscribe.

    How can I stop receiving these invites? Can you tell me where on WordPress.com this option exists? I’ve tried to search WordPress.com, but so far I haven’t found it.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.



    Hi @rickg, do you still need help on this?

    I just see one invitation from a site here on our servers. Was that the one with a broken link in the email?



    @supernovia, thanks for replying to my question. Yes, that is probably the invitation that cause the email I received. Although the email came from (email redacted). So far, I’ve only had the one invite, I was just wanting to stave off any more that may come in the future. I just can’t figure out where the option to unsubscribe from invited would be on wordpress.com.



    Our notification settings are https://wordpress.com/me/notifications but you’re right we don’t have any controls for Invitation emails.

    In general, it’s assumed that folks will only be inviting people they know.

    If there’s a specific site abusing that, beyond maybe just a one-time accident, please let us know!



    I’m okay with that. I just thought that since the emails said there was a way, I thought I’d ask.

    I think I may have found a way to block invited. Even though the link in the email would only put “unsubscribe” in my browser, I could hover my mouse over the link and see the url. Here is what I saw:


    When I put that url in my browser, it took me to a Subscription Management site on WordPress.com that said:

    You will no longer receive invite emails from WordPress.com at (email redacted) – to start receiving invites again, click here.

    Either way, I’ll consider this matter closed, but thanks for following up with me.

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    Hi there,

    That subscription management link includes a security key that’s unique to your account. Please don’t post sensitive info like that in the forums.

    You can unsubscribe from invites only via that unsubscribe link, yes, but you shouldn’t receive any more now.

    Additionally, I’d recommend you block email subscriptions at https://wordpress.com/me/notifications/subscriptions/ – that way someone also won’t be able to try and subscribe you to their site by adding your email in a Follow Blog widget. Someone doing that won’t subscribe you to their site, but it will send you an email to confirm the subscription, and changing this setting will block that as well.

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