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    Hi – on my blog I had a widget to subscribe to my blog posts. But recently I have started using mail chimp and have transferred those email to the mail chimp newsletter and just want to use one mailout.
    Is there any way to stop updates going out from the blog or is there a way to unlink the emails who have signed up for updates (as they will be getting them via mail chimp anyway and don’t won’t to bombard people).

    The blog I need help with is thetreproject.wordpress.com.



    I see you removed the follow blog widget from your sidebar. We cannot unsubscribe our followers so I have flagged this thread for a Staff response.



    Subscribers are a user-controlled feature, so they would need to Unsubscribe themselves either via their Subscription settings or the link at the bottom of their email.


    ok thanks but can you tell me how I can find their emails (those who have subscribes to the blog) as I can’t find them.



    Hello there,
    The subscriber stats show you all the users that have active email subscriptions to your blog using the built-in email notification system on WordPress.com. They don’t include users that subscribed using a third-party subscription service or using RSS.
    Followers are the number of readers following your blog and blog posts comments.

    Your followers receive an update, either on their Read Blogs page or via email (or both, depending on their settings). There are several different ways that readers can start following your blog. http://en.support.wordpress.com/followers/

    Go to your site stats page and click “Totals, Followers & Shares”
    Click the Blog link under the number and the Site Stats » My Followers page will open. Click the Email Followers link.



    Here are brief instructions for your followers re:unsubscribing
    1. They can click the “unsubscribe” link on the emails of the post they receive ate the very bottom of the emails.
    2. Or they can go here > http://wordpress.com/#!/read/edit/ and locate this:
    “Get new posts by email” in the drop-down menu they have these choices:
    3. They can also click the “x” next to any blog there to unfollow it and no longer receive posts in their Reader or by email.


    thanks for your posts – however I have just realised that the above suggestion is not possible as I have taken off the wordpress ‘sign up’ and replaced it with our new mail chimp ‘sign up’ so people won’t be signing out of the old newsletter they would be signing off the new one which is not what I want – can you suggest something else?



    You could publish a post stating what I provided above in it and explaining you are now using mailchimp.

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