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  1. Well...
    I have one subscriber I don't like. He didn't do anything, but I hate him.
    Is there a way to unsubscribe him? It is my blog, after all - I should have the right to choose who can subscribe to it, shouldn't I?
    In addition, is it possible to block him from commenting through him user? I guess he could comment as a guest, but I prefer that - and I've got a feeling he wouldn't do that anyway.


  2. No, you cannot unsubscribe someone, and they could just resubscribe again anyway and if need be use a different email to hide their identity.

    It is sort of like trying to stop someone from walking down the street and looking at you.

    You can add the person's email and username to the comment blacklist which will mean any comment they make will be held in moderation and then you can decide to delete them or not. Don't put in the IP address though. IP addresses are no longer unique and ISP's can sometimes assign hundreds of people to a single IP address these days which means you might be inadvertently blocking others.

  3. I don't really care if he is subscribed, I just don't want to see his username in my subscriber list. I don't think he'd subscribe again.

    Thanks for mentioning the comment blacklist, though - I forgot about it.

  4. Like I said, there is no way to delete him as a subscriber, or to remove his name from the list.

  5. Are you absolutely sure? There isn't even a way of hiding his name as a subscriber?

  6. Nope, no way of hiding it. Sorry.

  7. >:
    Well, sorry for pushing it. I just really hate the guy.
    But I guess there's nothing I can do.

    Again - thank you.

  8. You are welcome, and just forget about him is my suggestion.

  9. That's what I wanna do, but he's name there bothers me.
    But it's not that bad, I guess. I'd just ignore it.

  10. Whats his name?

  11. Why do you ask?
    Again, he didn't do anything wrong, and I don't him to be 'dealt with' or something like that. I just don't like him and seeing his name in my blog kinda annoys me.

  12. If it really bothers you, contact staff and ask them for help, but be ready to provide some solid rationale for your request.

  13. What exactly do you mean by solid rationale? He didn't do anything, I just don't like him and don't want to see his name and comments.

  14. Then just ignore the person, as thesacredpath said.

  15. I already said I'd do it. I opened this thread in hope I might not need to see his name in my subscription list.
    It doesn't matter much, but I thought I should give it a try.
    Now I know it can't be done, so I'd just ignore him.

  16. If he didn't do anything wrong, then the only thing is to try and positive back if he comments, otherwise just don't look at your subscribers list.

  17. You could attempt to radically increase your subscriber list, so his name is "diluted".

  18. I try to do that anyway. But thanks.

  19. @dewnestry
    Will you please enter the top of this thread you created and mark it as "resolved"?
    Thank, in advance. :)

  20. O, I'm sorry - I didn't really think of that.
    I think it should be 'been given up' rather than 'resolved', though XD


    I think I changed it to 'resolved', but I'm not entirely sure.

  21. You did it. Thanks! :)

  22. how can I delete my subscription or unsubscribe?

  23. how can I delete my subscription or unsubscribe?

  24. You go to 'manage my subscriptions'.

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