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Unsuccessful upgrade to WordPress from Windows Live

  1. Today I tried to upgrade to WordPress from my Windows Live. It seemed when I finished my second step, some problems happened. Sorry I cannot remember them. Then I was directed to WordPress. A new space was created for me, but in the space I couldn't find anything existing in Windows Live. The most worst thing is that my old window live space is not available now. I think everything in my old Windows Live space had been lost. Fortunately, before I upgrade, I didn't trust the so-called easily upgrading. I backup the contents in my old Windows Live space. Now I want to know how to restore my old Windows Live space or import my backup to the WordPress. Tell the truth, the first experience with the WordPress made me feel very sad and think it sucks!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Staff here can fix things for you. I'll tag this thread for their attention, but I also suggest contacting them directly at .

  3. Hello,

    Yes; please contact us using the form as we would like to get some more information from you regarding the problem you experienced so we can work to get it fixed up for you.

    My apologies for the inconvenience.

  4. I'm looking forward to know whether the problem of gengruili talking about has been solved.

    Because i also met this problem during the process of upgrading my windows live spaces.

    Now, when i type the url of my windows live spaces into the IE explorer, the error message " ... this space is no longer available.", But when i loginto the WORLDPRESS blog, there's nothing in it.

    I'm puzzled about this problem...

  5. @ynwpl, contact staff as Markel says with the details so that they can get it sorted out for you. They have to take care of these issues one on one since the issues causing the problem can different causes.

  6. How to reconect this plugin ???

  7. J'avais sur "Windows live" des albums photo qui défilaient en diaporama.
    Ces albums n'ont pas été repris par "Word Press".
    Quand je les télécharges, elles sont fixes et dans un ordre alphabétique en fonction des noms donnés comment faire pour les réinstaler comme précédemment.

  8. Si vous voulez parler en français, je vous conseille de vous diriger vers le forum français.
    Pour les albums et diaporamas je sujet a été débattu à plusieurs reprises et vous pourrez trouver des réponses dans cet article et dans celui là

  9. L'adresse exacte est :-)

    (This is the correct URL)

  10. @airodyssey : Merci problème de taper trop vite... on fait des fautes de frappe.

  11. @gengruili: is problem solved? I got the same problem some days ago and I contacted the support team via the link yesterday, but they have not replied yet. how long do i have to wait for the respond? thank you.

  12. We'll get to everyone who has run into import issues as soon as we can.

  13. Although I did manage to import my blog successfully, the process
    was so confusing that I believe a lot of people would mess it up.

  14. Well, obviously a lot of people have.

  15. I still cannot figure out the process!!! Where did you get the Orange Connect button? From after you signed into WordPress, Or Live Email (in my case, hotmail)?

  16. My God, this is the worst engineering process ever! I'm myself a Software Engineer, and this is unbelievably painful!!! Never seen worse thing like this!!!!

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