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Untangle with Gravatar

  1. Ok this is the problem: I use multiple avatars on Gravatar each corresponding with a different e-mail address. I created the Gravatar account so I could post comments on Memebase and change my Avatar by simply entering a different e-mail address. Then one day I woke up and suddenly discovered that automatically a WordPress account had been created for me. Now I'm unable to post comments with any of my e-mail addresses without logging into wordpress, meaning I can only use one (the main) avatar. Now I want a way to untangle my Gravatar Account from my WordPress account, get rid of it altogether or anything remotely helpful.
    I thank everyone who even read this post for paying attention to my problem and everyone who posts a suggestion twice as much.

  2. There may have been a change due to the change in commenting here on, but I'm going to tag this for Staff assistance; please be patient while they get back to you.

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  4. thanks for those extra links tt. Bookmarked them.

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