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Unused, deleted names

  1. Why is it that the deleted blogs can never be used again? I get the idea of someone pretending to be someone else, but there's a grace period on most other things, instant messenger, top level domains, etc...

    If someone deletes a name it doesn't make much sense to block it forever.

    I was just wondering because there was a deleted name that I would like, and kept checking to see if it would come up as available until I searched the forums and found out that it won't.

  2. Reasons are also listed in the FAQ

  3. Only one reason really -- it's too much time and trouble for the admins. Everything else is just flannel.

  4. I agree that the reasons for not allowing the recycling of discarded/deleted blog names are pretty unconvincing.

    What's to stop someone registering hundreds of blog names? There's not even a way of finding out who this person is, like there is using whois for regular domain name squatting.

    And I have to say that the FAQ on this subject is written in the sarcastic, self-satisfied tone that crops up far too often on wordpress documentation/faq/support/help/forums. WordPress is a great app but it seems like a lot of the people who are responsible for building it are really arrogant and condescending.

  5. Thanks.

    How should I rewrite it then ?

  6. I think he means the responses should be more serious. But I do think deleted blog names should be able to be used again. Is there a way to maybe write a PHP/MySQL script for it?

  7. How should I rewrite it then ?

    Can't you ask Matt for some technical guff that would blind them with science and sound less brusque than 'it's too much time and trouble for the admins'? Something like 'this would involve restoring the entire database to the state it was when you deleted your username, and thousands of people would lose their posts through no fault of their own'? Or 'the database is so huge and complex that if we try to change any settings whatsoever the WHOLE SITE will come crashing down and it will all be YOUR FAULT'.

    Like that. But more technical. And less brusque. People want to know why it's impossible, and 'because we say so' evidently isn't cutting it. Just make something up.

  8. wank - if we did that you'd still say it was flannel :)

    It's lose/lose for us either way.

  9. *lol* I'm reading this while drinking my morning coffee. When is a "no" more palatable - when it's wrapped in technical language or when it's sugar coated? What a crack-up!

  10. What's to stop someone registering hundreds of blog names?

    What makes you think that they aren't doing so already? :)

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