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unusual e-mail follower sign-ups

  1. kristenharperbooks

    In the past 2 days, my main website got 4 new e-mail followers with unusual addresses, yet I didn't see any visits. A few minutes ago my other website got 1 new e-mail follower with an unusual address. Do you think this is normal?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. There are various ways your readers could signup to follow your blog via email, which includes Reader as a common choice.

    When you say no visits, do you see any new referrers or increase in referrers stats on this page?

    Let us know how things are and we will help further.

  3. kristenharperbooks

    There were no referrers in the past 7 days, but there were in the past 30 days. They look like the same referrers I've had in past months, too.

    Should I do anything else?

  4. These followers should be just fine. If you are uncomfortable with any of them following your site, you can remove your email followers on this page.

  5. I've had the same issue. No new followers for months on a blog that I rarely update these days, and suddenly today there are three new email-only "followers" with improbable addresses ( [email redacted], [email redacted], [email redacted]) after zero page views. I came to the forum because I wasn't sure if I should be concerned about this.

  6. usermattw and kristenharperbooks, thank you both of you for sharing your thoughts.

    I am tagging the post with "modlook" for the staff's attention. They should be able to check your accounts and might be able to offer clarity on such followers' quality.

  7. Take a look at this topic :

    Everybody's been having this problem and one of the staff is looking into it.

  8. @kungfunaomi

    Thank you for directing others to the open thread which is being attended to by Staff at

  9. alwaysbackroads

    I have had several new email subscribers on blogs that I rarely post in. Clearly these are spam or something 'not quite right.' Is there a way that I can block any with that address? I have been deleting them, but it's a nuisance.

  10. I would like to direct you to post to the open thread which is being attended to by Staff at

  11. Hi folks,

    Please see my reply here:

    We are aware of the issue and working on it, but your sites, accounts, and data are in no danger whatsoever. This is an annoyance, not a threat, and we'll hopefully have them blocked soon. As part of fixing this we're also removing the spam follows as we find them, so you don't have to remove them manually unless you want to.

    Please subscribe to the other thread for updates on this.

  12. mysticaltidbits

    Among all those crazy long outlook email followers, this just appeared: Daphne Fakename. There is no email address or gravitar or blog associated with it.

  13. @mysticaltidbits,

    On what site is this? If you don't see an email address, it means it's not an email follower, but someone who followed via their account, thus it is completely unrelated to this issue.

    It's not necessarily suspicious that someone doesn't want to use their real/full name as their public username on Many if not most users don't use their real names. And it's not compulsory to have a site linked to your username, nor to have your Gravatar profile publicly visible.

  14. I've had 8 aliased email followers in the past 5 days with more to come I expect. I wrote a post in my blog about this. Am becoming quite annoyed. I am ready to block any and all Please advise.

  15. My advice is not to sweat this. There is no danger posed to your site at all by fake followers ie. spam followers.

    Please see: How to Remove a Follower

  16. Good info, I have had over 20 in the past week alone. Keep deleting yet they keep coming. Will wait it out :-)

  17. @scottcrouse
    Thanks for letting us know and best wishes.

  18. @kokkieh Thank you for this update!

    And thanks to all you guys for being on this forum. I am facing the same issue, it honestly scared me a bit. But, reading all these posts has put at ease. So thank you all!

    Appreciate it!

  19. foolhardyflorilegium

  20. Within the last hour I received 6 followers from an outlook email. This week I have had an additional 6 adds from outlook emails, from an blog I no longer update. I hope this issue gets resolved soon.

  21. Hello! I have been facing the same problem.
    Gaining certain followers via Outlook address so rapidly and the addresses doesn't seem like real.
    Do I need to remove them?
    The site I need help is

  22. foolhardyflorilegium

    I removed all mine just to be on the safe side.

  23. And here I thought maybe folks had finally found (and enjoyed) what I’ve posted... just kidding (not really), but I am relieved that others are having the same issue. Thanks for speaking up!

    And could a wordpress person notify us (here? Inbox?) if it does turn out that something’s up?

    Thanks, everybody!

  24. Same problem here and all I suppose if they want to get an email from WordPress every time I publish something (not often) then that's their lookout. Really can't see what's in it for them though. As soeone says above more of an annoyance than a threat...isn't it?

  25. Same thing is happening to my blog as well - a ton of subscribers from I'm not sure what the purpose is, but will be removing them when I get the chance.

  26. I am having the same problem with subscribers.

  27. I am having the same problem with subscribers.

  28. productionslevin

    I had the same issue as well. 10 new followers via email from outlook email adresses that look random generated by computer in one of my sites. This has occurred in the last two days.

    My site:

    I removed all manually and i will continue if i see more unusual activity

  29. I'm having the same issue and it is DEFINITELY an issue! I have several blogs and they hit just about all of them as email followers with accounts...over 50 of them! I've been keeping a Word Doc of them all and wish I could upload it on this site for you to see and investigate. Spam followers or worse? Please address this issue and soon!

    Thank you sincerely,
    a frustrated WordPress user, Carrie

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