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unwanted advertising

  1. one1more2time3

    friends of mine asked me about the advertising below some of my posts. I did not authorize any of them, nor do I see them myself when I check my blog. friends in india and canada sent me screenshots of the ads. I appreciated if you could solve this fast. because of copyright issues I am not supposed to do any advertising and DISNEY for example could react very nasty if they found out.

    I can't attach the screenshots here, let me know about the procedure

    [email redacted]

    The blog I need help with is

  2. To support the service (and keep free features free), we sometimes run advertisements, and the agreement for this has been in our terms of service since 2006.

    We try hard to only run them in limited places. If you would like to completely eliminate ads from appearing on your blog, we offer the No-Ads Upgrade:

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