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    I recently added the “Press This” function to my blog, but I have since found that unwanted/unapproved advertising is now appearing at the foot of my posts.

    The advertising does not appear on the home page but if I am reading the individual post it is sitting at the bottom of the post long with the “share this” option buttons and appears to be replacing the press this button.

    The adverts are from Ecopress, Poppress & Ads by Google.

    Have I misunderstood how the Press this option works?

    I thought it allowed ME to add excerpts from other people’s blogs to my blog NOT that other people could add their (unsolicited) information to MY blog.

    How do I remove these adverts and stop them happening in the future?

    The blog I need help with is alwaysquilting.wordpress.com.



    Hi. Regardless of using Press This or not, WordPress.COM does display ads, but you can remove them with a “No-ads” upgrade:

    Please note that normally you wouldn’t see these ads while you are logged in, only your visitors would.


    If you read the end of the features page here, you will see that wordpress occasionally runs adsense and skimlink advertising on our blogs to help pay for all the personnel, datacenters, servers and bandwidth required to host 15,000,000 blogs.


    This is also covered in the following support document.


    You can buy the no-ads upgrade and that will remove all ads from your site. It is a yearly upgrade, so you have to renew at the end of each year.



    @airodyssey, I should have refreshed.



    There is also apparently a new kind of ad which is a pop-up.



    @tsp: Hi there :-)

    @raincoaster: Are you serious?!! Since when?



    Since a day or so ago. Someone was complaining about it in another thread I can’t find now.



    I think I found it the thread in question…

    Although the OP did say “pop-up”, it looks like they meant “Pop-pressed”. It was at the bottom of their posts. No pop-ups when I went there.



    Yes, I recall that too. I referred the member to Staff. Have you read my latest post? It all began with FreshlyPressed which led to FoodPress which led to PopPressed and now EcoPressed. WordPress.com (Automattic) and Federated Media partnerships have been formed and sites powered by WordPress.com aimed to redistribute content published on WordPress.com blogs and beyond are popping up all over. WordPress.com Partnerships: Popping Up All Over



    @timethief: Yeah I did (I even “liked” it), and before I had no idea of the existence of those programs.



    Hmm, they should make ME an offer.


    Thank you for all the responses. I thought I was going crazy as I the adverts were only visible sometimes but this has been explained by the fact that they are occasional events and are not placed on every page.

    I am not happy about adverts appearing on my blog but as I want a free service I can understand the need for wordpress to re-coup costs. As, has been pointed out, if at sometime in the future I want an advert free blog I can opt to pay for the advert free service.

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