Unwanted Advertising Links Appearing

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    I have set up Word Press in 2009 to display my art and writing. It is a pretty static site that uses different word press sites, linked together, to create “pages”.

    I usually don’t have to edit or add anything, but I do check up on stats. Tonight though I was reading one of hte pages and noticed there were LINKS ON THE PAGES THAT I HAVE NOT CREATED. What should I do? I’ve been hacked into, correct? I’m upset that someone could do this, apparently pretty easily. I’m sure you’re going to say this is related to not changing my password – true? These are advertising links, from a particular company it appears, and I would like to have them reported and whatever justice can be brought to bear upon them.

    But please — I need to know how to prevent this from happening. It effects my cliental and reputation.

    Thank you.
    Beverly Nelson
    Blog url: http://beverlynelsoneditor.wordpress.com/

    The blog I need help with is beverlynelsoneditor.wordpress.com.



    oh shit! There’s a link, just like the ones in my site, IN THE EMAIL I JUST WROTE TO YOU! WTF??

    (and so you know: the wordpress site I was looking at was mybeverlynelson.wordpress.com. The links could be appearing in my other sites as well, I haven’t looked yet.

    Thank you.

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