unwanted appearence of polldaddy on my blog

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    I visited a site (http://longboxgraveyard.com/2012/12/12/78-longbox-soapbox-fall-2012/) that had a polldaddy poll in it; I didn’t enter the poll, read the page, made a comment then left. When I returned to my own site I saw that that same poll appeared at the bottom of my pages. Why is it there? And how do I get rid of it (I have tried looking at ‘widgets’ – nothing there)?

    The blog I need help with is mlewisredford.wordpress.com.



    Hi. I´ve the same problem, but I see in your blog that seems to be fixed. You found the solution? Thanks



    I’ll update this thread with more information about the issue.

    Closing this thread. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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