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    I have come back from my hols to discover unwanted background music on my blog, the same song (which I have never heard of) going on and on. I have looked and looked and I cant see how to remove it. So far response from wordpress is that they cant hear it so it must be another application. This is not so, readers of blog have commented on the music so not my pc. Any ideas?

    The blog I need help with is patientgardener.wordpress.com.



    We need the URL of your blog in order to help. If you’re running a wordpress.org install you are in the wrong forum.



    In: http://patientgardener.wordpress.com/
    There is really a background song.

    In Page Info -> Multimedia, I see a lot of image files, an this one:

    application: shockwave flash
    95,11 KB
    0p x 0px

    Shockwave without image May be this?



    I can confirm. The slide slideshow at the end of your “A Soggy GBBD – July 2010” post is playing the music automatically.


    Thanks so much – have removed the slideshow and this has removed the music. I dont remember putting the music on the slideshow in the first place but there you go!

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