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Unwanted changes in CSS : unwanted line skips and others

  1. I had a very bad surprise a few hours ago when I connected to my blog.
    In the widget sidebars all the lines were separated by a blank line, exactly as if I typed a “br” between each line in my widgets by editing them :-((

    A second bas surprise was to see comments set in the widgets appearing on the screen ! So I had to move them qickly somewhere else in order to prevent readers to wiew them ! :-(((

    As I did not know if these unexpected and unwanted changes were in the CSS sheet of my theme Andreas09 or in the main CSS, I tried to change for another theme.

    In Garland theme : exactly the same problem plus another : the right sidebar appears now UNDER the posts !
    In Fadtastic theme : sidebars do not appear at all !

    I think that it is a new bug due to unwanted and harmfull changes in the CSS sheet of WordPress.

  2. Leave Feedback.

  3. Others are experiencing blog and sidebar spacing weirdness too. Please send in a feedback outlining all the important info and be patient while awaiting a reply.

  4. My custom stylesheet on sandbox is acting weird as well.

  5. I guess we'll have several threads on the same topic going. Is there a way to put them all into one?

  6. I have just leaved a feedback.

    @engtech : I do not have any custom stylesheet, I am using the Andreas09 standard theme. But I think that the problem is above it as other themes are partly broken too.

  7. There was a brief server update and my stylesheet is working now.

  8. Thank you, Andreas09 has again its usual presentation. I think that the bug is fixed.

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