Unwanted comment notifications from another WordPress blog

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    I keep receiving email notifications whenever someone posts a comment to one of the blogs I’m subscribed to, even though I have never signed up for email notification of comments on their site. The blog is beerandwhiskeybros.com
    Blog url: http://brewtrek.wordpress.com



    You can unsubscribe via a link at the bottom of the email.

    When leaving future comments, make sure that “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” is not checked at the bottom of the comment form.


    I’ve done all of that, I know how everything works.

    These come without me checking the “Notify‚Ķ” check box. And I just noticed when I went in to get rid of the comment notifications that it did it automatically for any WordPress blog I’ve commented on recently.



    The Notify box is checked by default, so you’ll actually need to make sure that you uncheck it before leaving a comment.


    Did that just change? I’ve been using WordPress for nearly two years and have never had to do that. What’s more, that is an extremely annoying feature for any poster and reflects badly on my blog to my readers. It is almost a form of spam.

    I for one would request that you make the default unchecked.



    Yes, that was a very recent change.

    We have receive several requests to change it back and they have all been noted. Unfortunately, I’m not the one who makes those decisions.

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