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Unwanted files are downloadd

  1. Sometimes when Im checking around amongst blogs to read my computer downloads files. I don´t want them, I don´t do anything to download them - it just happens. They all come from wordpress-blogs. It can be files, pictures or music.
    What is this, why and how do I stop it?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. Maggie, your browser downloads files, mostly images and web pages, every second you spend on the Internet. This goes straight into the cache memory. Is this what you are talking about?

    And why is this forum topic tagged "spy" and "virus"? Did you tag it like that? What makes you think they are that kind of file? Did your anti-virus software issue a warning?

  3. No, this is not what I am talking about. The files Im talking about can be found at "Downloaded files" in my computer. It NEVER Happens except when I surf at some WordPress blogs.
    Yes I tagged it like that, because maybe it is some kind of virus?

  4. OK. Could you be more specific please? What kind of files are downloaded? Do you have the filenames? And have you run an anti-virus scan to confirm if they are viruses as you suspect?

    Also advise if you recently downloaded anything new on your computer, such as an add-on bar, a new program, etc.

  5. I´ll get back the forum next time it happens, I deleted the files immediately and don't remember what there names where.

  6. Remember that not all "WordPress" sights are created equal. You might have stumbled across a WordPress.ORG install that had been hacked and malware installed on the site. Without the URL of the site it is difficult to help you much.

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