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    I’m constantly getting numerous hits on one of my blogs from two or three sites which I consider to be spam – one seems to be a wordpress blog pushing advertising. They don’t leave comments, but are registered as views, is there any way I can block these, or get them marked as spam, or should I just ignore them? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is paddysdaughter.wordpress.com.



    Please do not post and information here as that is what spammers want. Don not click the links. See here https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/regarding-referrer-spam?replies=1


    Thanks for the response, that is exactly why I did not publish details – I will follow your suggestion.



    I’m sorry this is happening to your blog. There is no security risk here, to you or to you blog. It’s just an annoyance and these spam referrers do not in any way affect your blog’s Google page ranking. Best wishes. :)



    Beware of spammers. Since I have created a new blog 5 days ago, I have got one spam message.

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