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Unwanted 'Hold on' window

  1. When I click on my Dutch blog 'Read more' after the intro, there's this new window with a 'wait a moment' message and a search indicator. After quite a few seconds - too long, too long! - I get the full log page.
    My English blog forwards me without a hitch, but I suspect that this will change once I've posted something there. Is this a new feature? I don't like it much.

  2. also, there's this new dashboard and I can't retrace the option with which to make my user name active...

  3. How to make your name link to your blog:
    Go into your dashboard -> users (the icon with 2 "people" -> your profile -> then scroll down to 'contact info'. In the spot where it says 'website' fill in the address of your blog and save the changes.

  4. Also, the "wait a moment" message is not a feature of the upgrade. Maybe servers are busy? I dunno.

  5. Sooo simple...yes, thank you 1tess.

    It may have been a traffic jam issue, I noticed it's gone now. I was afraid for a moment it's a new in new features; wordpress is, at the moment.

  6. sgreifwonder,
    I'v gotten worse notices when the servers must be busy (?) that tell me to try again later. And it straightens out soon.

    The site (not a blog from WordPress) I do for work, it just gives me a white screen so I never know it I've lost the connection or if I should re-try it or what. Until it logs me out. Very annoying, that.

  7. Servers are like bosses. 'No time to talk now, try again later.'

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