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    Several months ago, when I copied and pasted text from a Word document to one of my wordpress blog posts, wordpress inserts several unwanted line/paragraph breaks that were not in the source (Word) document. This did not happen until about 6 months ago. How do I copy and paste Word document text into a wordpress blog post w/o the unwanted breaks?
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    Microsoft Word as a web publishing tool it is a little less than ideal and produces very messy HTML. The same applies when using OpenOffice, or other word processors, which all use additional tagging information.

    This could cause issues with the display of the post or page on your blog, and effect the general layout, as well. The same code above can be written a lot more cleanly using the WordPress visual editor.

    If you decide that you still want to use Word then you should use the Word cleanup feature to remove all extraneous tags from your text

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