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    Every time I open my reader I am getting songs from some blog. I have no idea why or how his started, but I’m not real happy about it.

    The blog I need help with is irreducibleprimary.com.



    Hi Rob – I checked out your reader and I didn’t find the blog you mention. You might have already unfollowed it, which is what I recommend — likely it’s either a music or video embed set to auto-start. Let me know if you’re still having the problem.


    I have no idea what the source blog is, so I can’t determine who to unfollow. The music simply starts when I go to the reader.



    Hi Rob – Found it, it’s an autoplay Soundcloud file in this post:


    Thank you…..

    So, just opening my reader starts the play? It seems a little invasive that people can do this. Or, at least it should happen only if the source blog is visited.

    I could not find a function in my dashboard to block autoplay.



    Hi Rob – I agree with you, and I’ll pass your feedback along to the team that handles the Reader for them to consider.


    Thanks for the assistance….enjoy the holidays ;)


    We’ve made an update to stop the autoplay on SoundCloud embeds if they are in the Reader to solve the problem you reported. Sorry it took so long to get this updated, and thank you for reporting the issue when you did.


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