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Unwanted "Related Article"

  1. I'm new here, please help. I just noticed a "Related Article" following my 2nd post on my blog. It takes folks to a blog that is not at all family friendly or related to my content. How do I remove the link and / or block it? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. The site in the related article link should have been marked as "mature" so that it would not show in public links like "related." I just did so.

    As far as related links, is it possible you have Zemanta enabled? If so, you can turn it off if you'd like in your personal settings.

    There is a newer feature here called "Related Posts" which will point only to your own site's content, once you have at least 10 published posts. You can read about it here:

  3. Thank you, justjennifer. When you say that the link should have been marked mature, and that you just did so, can I bother you to explain how? Thanks much.

  4. Certainly!

    To understand better what is considered mature and where those sites are excluded from showing on WPcom as well as how to report them:

  5. Hi Michael,

    this related article was not added automatically, maybe you accidentally clicked on it. You can simply remove it yourself.
    Just edit your second blog post and (in the editor) delete the title Related articles and the content below it. Don't forget to save the post.

    With Zemanta plugin you have the control over which article to add/remove from Related articles.

    If you want to use Zemanta on in the future (related to the staff notice in this thread), please install one of our browser extensions from our website:

    Hope this helps.

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