Unwanted Reverse Indentations each paragraph

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    My blog is http://www.esarsea.wordpress.com

    In my most recent post (William Frederick Heffelmire) the first line of each paragraph protrudes to the left 1 or 2 spaces.
    It’s like a reverse indentation. Or perhaps more accurately (?) every line in each paragraph, except the first, is indented a space or 2.

    This does not appear when previewing the post – it looks normal. Then I save it and look at it when viewing the actual blog and there it is. I can see nothing in the visual editor or the html editor that woul dexplain this.

    It was not there when I made the original post. Then I added a new additional tag and it’s been there ever since.

    Any ideas how to fix this?

    Thanks! Stu



    I see exactly what you mean. I’ve been here since 2006 and have never seen this before. I think it must be a technical glitch that will require a backend fix by staff http://support.wordpress.com/



    Thanks timethief. I’ve emailed support.

    Best, Stu



    Best wishes for a happy ending :)


    @esarsea: This is called “Hanging indentation” (first lines normal, rest indented). And that’s because the html of your post wrongly includes tabs for an unordered list. Go to your html post editor and remove the “ul” from the beginning and the “/ul” from the end (along with their brackets).

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