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    One of the older posts on our blog is suddenly getting a lot of attention (like, 10 times the hits per day of anything else). Why? Because search strings about asian porn bring people to it in droves. And I can guarantee you every one of them is disappointed. I would be.

    Is there any way to remove certain words from being search results pointing to this article? Specifically, I don’t want Google sending searches for “naked” and “asian” to this page anymore.



    You could edit the post and remove the key words and categories attracting attention. You could also simply delete the post. Beyond that there’s nothing I can suggest.



    Can you put up a broken link to where the inbound is or point us to the google search where it’s being found please? That way we can make some specific suggestions. I’ll be happy to remove any links afterwards. I’ve done it before. :)



    The post getting all the horny searches is:

    http://culturatti.com/2006/08/05/ kim-ki-duks-two-trilogies/

    The search strings tend to be…
    naked asian men
    naked asian girls

    Which seemed strange to me, since neither “naked” nor “asian” actually appear in the article … But then I remembered the Hovertext. The titles I put for the images, one containes the phrase “naked asian girls” and another “naked asian men,” both meant as jokes (About how our readership would be going up. If only I knew.)

    So I’ll change those, and that should take care of that. Let this be a warning: Google even searches your image titles!



    Google even searches your image titles!

    Yup, it does. :)

    The other thing that I was going to check is that if you put thopse search terms into google’s search box, find where your page is listed and pull up the cache that Google has for that page, it will show you where the terms are appearing.

    This is one of the reasons why I don’t like having categories within the sidebar. I know others do but it causes an issue with false positivies on search terms just like this.




    A while back I got the search term for 13 year old porn, I think those were the exact words. But it lead to me on a Sophia Loren post. The bots grab words from other posts and put them together as if it is one post.



    This may not always be a bad thing, though. Two words, people: Beaver Shots. I’m #2 and #3 for that search on google, and I’ve been Digged repeatedly, even though it’s nothing but actual Canadian beavers swimming around, making dams and such. Sure, they may come to your blog looking for porn, but the very fact that they’ve put my post on Digg indicates that they don’t get annoyed when it’s not there, and may even keep coming back.

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