Unwanted shadows in small graphics, Mistylook theme

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    This is a question about my new WordPress.com blog.

    I placed a graphic in my posting found here.

    The purpose of the graphic was to provide a simple divider. In both Firefox 3.5 and IE 7, there is an unwanted border with a shadow around that graphic. How can I get rid of that?


    Alan OldStudent

    The blog I need help with is alanoldstudent.wordpress.com.


    That’t the way your theme displays images – you cannot get rid of it directly. You can switch the editor to html and use this in place of the graphic:
    <div style="width:133px;height:3px;background:#b19569;margin-top:1.2em;margin-bottom:1.2em;"></div>


    Thanks Panaghiotisadam,

    I appreciate the hint. It worked out well.


    Alan OldStudent


    You’re welcome.


    PS You can change the numbers to change length, thickness, and space above and/or below the line. (You can change the hex color code too, but b19569 is the color you had in your graphic.)

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