Unwanted smiley face/NOT a WP smiley, but one in my text.

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    A few days ago, I was looking over some of my own old posts, and noticed a yellow smiley face in the body of the text. When I go to edit the post, it is not there in the visual or html. I tried deleting that part of the text anyway, and re-writing, but it still appears, only in that one post and in that same spot, which is replacing a number to the date that should be there, in addition to be annoying. Here is the link to the post. It’s towards the bottom:
    I searched the forum and only saw comments about the smileys at the end of the page that WordPress sanctions. Is this graffitti or what?!
    Thanks for your thoughts…



    It’s that with the upgrade, apparently all the blogs got accidentally set to turn 8) into smilies. You can turn that off under Settings->Writing. There’s a tickbox for it.


    Thank you, Raincoaster.



    You’re welcome. I just shut it off on my blog as well, thanks for the reminder.



    Thanks, bothered me too.


    Thank you, Raincoaster, For talk about it!
    That really Make me mad!!

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