Unwilling automated theme switching issue (2.3)

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    Hey there.

    I’ve been experiencing a rather irritating problem with my WordPress blog recently. I’ve been using WordPress for a few years and feel quite comfortable with it and have gotten to know the basics over the years. It’s not until this latest blog of mine i’ve been having this problem and i can’t begin to understand what’s behind it.

    Basic information you might need: I’m running the 2.3 release (not the latest 2.3.1) on http://draj.se and the theme used is Japanese Cherry Blossom 1.0 by April D. Spreeman. Hosted by One.com with full support for everything WordPress needs to function. I choose to edit and update my files with UltraEdit which is a fine text/code-editor with ftp-support that allows me to save the files directly to the server.

    Now for the problem: It seems that when i’m doing heavy construction with the site thru the .css file used in my theme and alt+tabbing to Firefox to view the changes, sometimes the blog reverts back to the default theme without me doing so. It seems totally random and when it occurs i have to manage the site thru the administrative interface and choose to go back to the theme i’d like it to be. This is getting to be a real pain in the neck.

    I have never experienced this before and it seems it has nothing to do with the theme being used (which i’d very much doubt it would anyways) and i have used the same methods for editing files with the editor since like forever so i’ve ruled out them possibilities. Is this a known bug in the 2.3 release or what’s going on?

    I would love some feedback on this. Thanks in advance.

    – David



    This forum is only for wordpress.ocm free hosted bloggers. Unless you are referring to a wordpress.com blog then you are in the wrong forum. If you have downloaded software from http://wordpress.org then know that we run on different software (wordpress MU multiuser) here and we cannot help you.

    You need to post to the correct forum which is here -> -> http://wordprerss.org/support


    Oh, my bad! I’ll try the http://wordprerss.org/support instead.

    Sorry about the confusion.



    No problem – it happens every day, repeatedly.
    Happy blogging :)



    Happens to me too using Coda or Transmit/Smultron.

    It’s because the CSS file is incomplete at the time it is accessed. The save/upload has either failed or not completed.
    Not a WordPress fault – but irritating all the same.



    {blushing} I borked the link both times I posted it above. It should be http://wordpress.org/support {looking for a rock to crawl under}

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