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Up and Down

  1. myimperfectbeauty

    The people who been looking at my blog yesterday i got like 49
    today i got 0 why are my numbers droping?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. I'm so sorry but we have no idea what the answer to that question is. My suggestion is that you focus on two things.
    (1) Creating fresh original and optimized content and promoting it;
    (2) Knowing that the golden rule of social networking is "get to give" and investing your time into locating similar blogs and commenting frequently on them.

    These links lead to many useful strategies for increasing traffic to your blog. that you can act on.

    Your question is not a technical support question pertaining to how to use software and features, so I'll flag it and have it removed to the Off-Topic Forum where you can commiserate with other bloggers.

  3. myimperfectbeauty


  4. Yesterday, someone was worried you were too young to safely have a blog, so lots of people checked out your blog to make sure you weren't like six. Today, nobody's alarmed, so your hits drop. As time goes by, they'll normalize at a higher level than zero, don't worry, especially if you follow TT's suggestions.

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