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Upcoming Events widget displays no events.

  1. @danielpernordlund, thanks, it's helpful to see the calendar at

    It also helps to document a specific example. I looked at tomorrow's events on the calendar and I see this one:

    Wed, February 19, 10am – 11am

    Next, I reviewed the iCalendar feed listed in your widget settings:

    And I found the data for the "Seniorträning" event which looks like this:


    It appears the widget is not displaying recurring events which are setup to display weekly. We did fix some recurring events bugs in the past, but this one is still causing trouble! I have added your example to the bug report and now we'll just need to wait until the developers have a chance to review the widget again.

    I'm sorry for the trouble! While we wait for a developer review, the only workaround that I know will work would be to setup the events manually instead of as recurring events. In your case, since you have so many, you may want to temporarily link from the sidebar to the calendar page at as a short term solution until the problem with weekly recurring events can be fixed.

  2. @macnetwork

    I've had second thoughts about my calendar issue because for what I'm doing the 'bug' has really become an 'undocumented feature'. So I have frequent weekly events–eg curry every Monday– that would clutter up the forthcoming events widget. It actually works better for me to enter Valentine's day manually each year and have that highlighted in the widget. So please DON'T FIX IT!

    Oh! Well, the bug has already been reported and it will probably be fixed at some point!

    Or maybe you could add some kind of control to manage recurring events differently from one-offs?

    The recurring events are proving to be pretty tricky little things, so I'm not sure adding extra options will be possible. What about setting up a second calendar with just the events you want to show in the sidebar and using that one in addition to your current calendar? Maybe that would be a good workaround for your case. (I hope!)

  3. Thank you simply design. As soon as I entered the right address it showed up. Problem sorted.

  4. @peterh324, yay!

  5. Mine is working again :)

  6. magicfindsheep

    hi i would like some help.. my upcoming events widgets is not working..

    would anyone please advice?

  7. @magicfindsheep, I need a bit more detail in order to investigate. Can you please tell me the link where I can see the problem happening and describe one example event you were expecting to see but that is missing?

  8. A minor but irritating glitch has popped up. The Art Group Event which is at 9 am next Monday is not being picked up by the Upcoming Events widget. The Bridge Group which is later on the same day is. Any suggestions?

  9. @peterh324, could you tell me if the ones you're having trouble with are weekly recurring events? If so, there's still a bug with regard to those and the current workaround would be to add the items individually. That particular bug is being tracked at

  10. Yes. They are practically all recurring weekly or monthly events. The Art event has the same recurring pattern as Bridge and was showing up for the following week but not next Monday. I deleted it and re entered it individually yesterday without apparent effect - hence the previous post. This morning it has miraculously made its appearance.

  11. I deleted it and re entered it individually yesterday without apparent effect

    I should have mentioned you need to wait a bit for the changes to go through. They usually don't show up immediately after a change because of how calendar providers and both typically cache that type of data for at least 1 hour.

  12. Thanks. this might explain it.

  13. magicfindsheep

    Hi sorry for the late reply.

    I've been trying to get my widget to work but it's not working.

    I've added this in from my google calandar into my widget but it is not working. I've schedueled an event on the 8th, 9th and 15th of march. I'm about to schedule one more on the first of march but as of now nothing is showing up.

    Here is my ical link.

    the widget has been there for almost a week already

  14. I checked

    But there is no content in that file when I look at it.

    Are you certain that's the right calendar link?

    Are you certain the calendar information is not set as private?

  15. magicfindsheep

    hi i understand where it went wrong already.

    Thanks for the help

  16. Great! I will let you know that there is still a bug in the widget for some types of recurring events, so if you add the events individually for now then everything should work.

  17. Hi, I too am having trouble with recurring events. I keep adjusting the calendar to have the event show up initially but once the first (manually entered) event passes it indicates there are no upcoming events. The initial event I enter is there but nothing for upcoming. It should be showing the next 3 events.

    Here's my site:

    Here's my google calendar:

    Thank You!

  18. having calendar problems off and on with my sites and

    they work. then they don't work. i redo the events on my icalendar. it works again. then it stops working.

    please help. students are needing information!

    many thanks

  19. @amazinggracewatseka, there is still a bug with regard to displaying recurring events. I'm not sure when the developers will have another chance to look at it, but I have made sure that the bug report is good and included as much detail as I could collect. I will add your case to the report! After that, we'll just need to wait to hear back from the developers. In the mean time, switching away from using recurring events is the only workaround until the bug can be fixed.

    @kristinbeeler, I'm not sure if the issue you're reporting is the same as the others in this thread or not. Could you please start a new thread and include a little bit more detail about the problem such as a specific example of an event that works and then stop working (or does the whole widget start and stop working?). You can start a new thread at or you can use the form at

  20. More bugs with regard to displaying recurring events.
    Recurring events skipping events for nearest future dates.

    My WordPress site is at

    ICAL for widget is

  21. Actually! It would help so much to keep separate bugs in separate forum reports (otherwise they tend to get tangled and it gets confusing for long threads).

    Would you mind terribly starting a new help request? I will take a closer look at your iCal file and report what I find on the new help request.

  22. I think these several of these bugs are interrelated. Just search the history on the Upcoming Events widget. One problem gets fixed and an old one reappears.

  23. I tend to agree. I've removed it from my website. It's too potentially confusing for people.

  24. @designsimply. Thank you, I'll just hang in there.

  25. @k4gar, I think you're right! As it turns out, the myriad number of ways different calendars and different event setups in different calendar apps output iCal data is a bit more complex than it seems on the surface.

    Sorry it's been a pain!

    I'm not sure on a time frame for an update, but someone will post back here as soon this widget can be reviewed again. In the mean time, the best route I know of if you do want to keep using the widget is to setup events as individual ones (not recurring) until the bug can be fixed. If that's too much of a pain, then I think temporarily removing the widget like you guys said is the next best route for now.

  26. @designsimply. Thanks for the update. I hope my input will help in building the flow chart for a permanent solution.

  27. @k4gar, I'm sure it will! Clear documentation of a bug is the first best step. After that, we just need to wait for an update from the developers.

  28. Problems are back again :/ Same issue as others. The calendar skips all events up until 17/3

  29. Sorry for the trouble! We just need to wait for this widget to get reviewed again. In the mean time, not using recurring events is probably the best workaround until then.

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